I had this issue the other day after upgrading to the latest .NET 5 SDK, and banged my head against it for a while. There is sparse documentation on how to do this end-to-end, so here goes!

Why you would need to do this

After upgrading my SDK to .NET 5 (via brew on the CLI), I found I had no .NET or ASP.NET 3.1 runtimes anymore. This meant that when trying to open existing netcoreapp3.1 applications on my machine i was greeted with a lovely message:

The link sends you to a page where there is no MacOS runtime available for ASP.NET Core 3.1.

The solution…

It’s an exciting time to be a software engineer. We’re spoiled beyond belief. With CPU power, RAM, syntactic sugar, more frameworks and languages than you can shake a stick at and more ways to deploy and interact with your software than ever before.

But this also puts some real limitations of many parts our profession into a sharp light. …

With the upcoming GDPR legislation in Europe the team I’m in has had a compliance mindset over the previous few weeks. We’ve rearchitected and written brand new services with mind to ‘the right to be forgotten’ online. One other thing is the handling of ‘PII’ or Personally Identifiable Information. Email addresses are one of these things.

If like us you use node.js and morgan logging in some of your applications, you know that it likes to log your requests. But what if those requests being logged contain sensitive information like email addresses? What if you have:

GET /account-details/my-email@email.com/addresses 200 32ms

When I tell people I enjoy using a Git Flow branching system for my development at work, I am usually met with one of two responses:

  • Utter derision, and some complaining about merging.
  • “Oh I’ve heard of that, but not used it really.”

Well I am perfectly comfortable with admitting, I love using Git Flow and branch-based development in general. I believe that using a VCS in itself is only half of the story. …

This is a how-to on how to get GoCD to play nice with Slack Incoming WebHooks. This way, you can automatically post to any Slack channel you like some information about your builds. Just as a note this guide utilises a Linux agent for the build so utilises bash on the server.

It’s all about the (Web)Hook

To set up your hook, go to the gear in Slack at the top and click Add an App/Add Apps. This takes you to the page to get any number of applications you can integrate with Slack.

Search for Incoming WebHooks, and click Add Configuration.

You’ll be taken…

Having only recently returned from Dockercon Europe 2017, a fantastic conference, I find myself quite lucky to be going to another so soon after. This time it’s MongoDB Europe 2017, set at the Intercontinental London, situated next to the O2 Arena in Greenwich.

Greeted with a sea of blue and green I knew I’d reached the place. I didn’t really know what to expect for a 1-day conf to be honest. A whistlestop tour of what’s new in MongoDB? Or an 8-hour long sales pitch? …

Between the 16th and 19th of October 2017 I went out to Copenhagen, Denmark to Dockercon Europe. Copenhagen is a fantastic city and I highly recommend that you go. Albeit expensive… very expensive. Some key things were announced at the conference, Kubernetes is now going to come baked into Docker as an orchestration tool alongside Docker Swarm, giving developers the choice and also eliminating the need for a separate install of Kubernetes.

However beyond the announcements and hype this article is about what I learned when I was there. …

There’s an assumption as you go through school (in the UK where I am from, at least) that if you go to university you will be more successful. There is a grain of truth to this statement; especially if you pick a subject that has a demand in the economy. In this article I speak from my experience about the pros and cons of university and why I believe that what universities teach is not sufficient to prepare you for a role as a software engineer.

University Does Have A Purpose!

First thing’s first, I do wholeheartedly believe that university has a place as a…

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